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Quizbee 17-08-2022
PLEASE NOTE - This event is fully booked.

PLEASE NOTE - This event is fully booked.
Women of FNA-UK Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Virtual Kamustahan at Tawanan
FNA-UK Christmas Party 2021

Dear All, due to the uncertain situation regarding the new COVID-19 variant, and out of a sense of duty to protect our members and guests, but with a very heavy heart, the officers of FNA-UK have decided to postpone the Christmas Party and reschedule for a later date.

All bookings already made will be honoured for the rescheduled event and details of the new date will be circulated to the membership and posted on the website.

We are so sorry to disappoint you, but we are sure you will understand that, as a nursing association, we always have to err on the side of caution and safety.

6 December 2021
FNA-UK 1st Anniversary Celebrations 07-08-2021
Marka ng Maskara The Forum

In-case you missed the event ...
COVID-19 & The Vaccine Expert Panel Webinar
Thursday 11 Febrary 2021

the event was recorded

COVID-19 & The Vaccine Expert Panel Webinar
Thursday 11 Febrary 2021 6.00pm - 7.30pm Online (Zoom)

FNA-UK WORKSHOP: Coping with COVID: The Blueprint for Resilience
Wednesday 24 Febrary 2021 2pm - 4pm Online (Zoom)

We understand that these are worrying times.  Let us support you in a way we truly can.
FNA-UK would like to invite you all to a 2 hour session of feeling good and well amidst all these challenges.

FNA-UK Enhancing Leadership Workshop


Sunday 2 May 2021, 2pm - 6pm


Sunday 23 May 2021, 2pm - 6pm
FNA-UK Interview Skills Workshop

Elmer Ivan Calaustro
FNA-UK member from Ipswich and Regional Director for the East of England, talks about the help and support he has received from FNA-UK in applying for a new role.
Testimonials ...

Leonard Lero
FNA-UK member from Bolton talks about his experience of attending a FNA webinar.
FNA-UK Financial Edcuation 25-10-2020
FNA-UK Wholeness and Wellness
by Merline Tabirao
21 September 2020

Another successful webinar on ‘Wholeness and wellness' delivered by FNA-UK and facilitated by our very own psychosocial nurse practitioner and a trained life coach - Ms Joanne La Verne.

This was a  very powerful and touching session.  The sharing between the participants reminded us that we are just humans - that we must be self aware and listen to what our physical selves are telling us and prioritise self-care in order that we are able to care and support others.

We really need to integrate wellness into our daily lives.  We need to embrace and understand the multidimensional pillars of well being so that we can be adaptable and able to develop resilience against the negative emotions and unpleasant experiences that we face in our everyday lives. We must welcome and entertain more positive thoughts to enrich our personal, professional and social relationships.

Here in FNA-UK, developing resilience is all about what we are all doing as a team to keep ourselves balanced and to maintain that social connection with each other to keep everyone motivated and focused on what we think we can do to preserve our own and other’s health and well being.

Joanne's delivery of this workshop was both very intellectual and passionate.  A big salute to you talaga Madam Joanne!

FNA_UK Enhancing Leadership Skills Workshop
FNA-UK Interviews Skills Workshop
Feedback from attendees at the Enhancing Leadership Skills Workshop - 30-08-2020

Met and learned from some amazing people today in an Enhancing Leadership Workshop by the Filipino Nurses Association UK led by Jose Ariel Lanada and with the other FNA officers. It was an awesome 3 hour interactive session.

I've been an educator for a little over a year now and I felt that my glass was starting to empty prior to this. Attending a session where I learned invaluable lessons and heard how successful pinoy nurses did it, quickly refilled the glass.

This will hasten my journey towards self awareness and allowed me to reflect on what I can do to be more awesome at what I do and be a better leader. Didn't spend any penny but gained something priceless. Kudos to the FNA UK. May the Almighty Father bless you more! Thank you!!! Looking forward to more sessions like this!!!

Leonard Lero

Thank you so much to FNA officers especially to the energetic President Mr. Jose Ariel Lanada for organising this workshop. You all had given us inspiration in our career. Learned so much in just few hours. Looking forward for more to come. ❤️

Glenda Añora

Other Feedback

  • Enpowering and inspiring!! Amazing to learn from highly experienced Filipino nurses! Thank you.
  • FNA-UK is doing an awesome job investing their time and effort to mould Filipino nurses to be the best we can be.
  • The webinar was very informative. I was able to learn tips and skills in how to be a true leader.
  • Very informative open approach - each one has equal say interactive.
  • A very good session which opens up possibilities to progress and provides a push forward ambition to be more and achieve more. Thank you.
  • I learned a lot in just a few hours that we had today. Thank you so much for your time, energy and heartwarming skill of teaching dear President and officers of FNA-UK.
  • Very informative, helful to us aspiring leaders. It is different from other trainings in a sense that it is more group-focused, enabling us to share our experiences and learn from each other. Well done. Thank you so much FNA-UK.
Enhancing Leadership Skills 30-08-2020
Feedback from attendees at the Interview Skills Workshop - 23-08-2020

Interview Skills Workshop 23-08-2020
  • Great techniques and practical help.
  • Very helful, lots of tips for interview. It was very interactive so it was fun.
  • Worth. it. Beneficial. Good learning experience. Very knowledgeable mentors. More mock tests please :) .
  • The session was very helful for preparing for an important job interview. Helpful practical advice and tips were given according to real life scenario. More sessions like this please and more time for mock interviews.
  • Very helful and I really learned a lot. Worth attending. Thank you for your time and dedication FNA-UK.
  • Very good and great techniques for us to develop our interview skills. Brilliant ideas and notes to take in. Help me to become confident. Very good TIPS for applicants. More on this training maybe twice a year. Thanks very much.
Interview Skills Workshop for Band 5 Nurses
Date: 23rd August, 2020 at 14:00 - 17:00
Delivery: Online (Microsoft Teams)

Workshop Summary:
This 3-hours workshop is designed to give attendees the skills to improve confidence and performance at interviews.

Workshop Objectives:
1.     Outline principles and tips for successful interviews;
2.     Explore employers' expectations;
3.     Share previous interview experiences and best practice;
4.     Gain awareness of the importance of preparation for interviews;
5.     Practice creating and delivering answers to common interview questions.

The workshop will not cover:
  • Subject specific information
  • A secret list of questions
  • All the answers!

Workshop Leader:
Ariel Lanada, BSN, MSc in Nursing Education, RN
Divisional Lead for Practice Development and Education, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Associate Lecturer: Leadership and Management, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University
NMC Registered Teacher
Doctor of Education Student
Filipino Nurses Association UK FNAUK Interview skills workshop
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