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A further five new nurses from the Philippines who will be working at Oxford University Hospitals NHSFT arrived in Oxford on 22 December 2020 and are currently in quarantine in a local hotel.

They were met on Christmas Eve evening by Ariel Lanada, Chairman of FilCom Oxford and President of FNA-UK, who presented FNA-UK mugs.  Ariel was joined by Steven Bryan Diano of KABAYAN REMIT who very kindly donated groceries for the new arrivals.
with members of FNA-UK
26 December 2020

UK-Reach Study


FNA-UK is proud to be a partner of the important UK-REACH study and strongly encourages our members and all healthcare workers of BME background to take part

23 December 2020
A very warm welcome to our new Filipino Nurses in London
12 December 2020

FNA-UK London Region meet and greet with newly arrived nurses from the Philippines.  The region also arranged for the delivery of groceries.
FNA-UK says yes to vaccines
MINNIE KLEPACZ BEM - UK Embassy Manila Article
23 October 2020

Minnie Klepacz BEM Uk Embassy Manila

19th UK Philippines Friendship Day  - British Ambassador to PH, Daniel Pruce reflects
20 October 2020

I am very happy to be observing the 19th UK-Philippines Friendship Day which we commemorated on 20 October. We have a lot to celebrate in our relationship, and one element in which our partnership is growing stronger, richer and deeper is in education ... read more

A message from British Ambassador to the Philippines, Daniel Pruce, on Philippines-UK Friendship Day 20 October 2020.

11 October 2020

FNA-UK is a partner of the very important UK-REACH study based at the University of Leicester.  The study is investigating if, how, and why, ethnicity affects COVID-19 clinical outcomes in healthcare workers.

FNA-UK encourages all its members and Filipino healthcare workers to participate in forthcoming research activities.
From the Bournemouth Echo
10 October 2020

NINE Dorset residents have been put forward for various honours for The Queen’s Birthday Honours List. This year’s awards are expected to be focussed on key workers and NHS staff for their hard work and dedication during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Minerva Klepacz, a matron of Ophthalmology and BAME Network Lead at Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been put forward for a British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services to nursing during the Covid-19. The 41-year-old, who was born in the Philippines, has been a nurse in Bournemouth for 18 years, working in many departments before becoming an influential leader of the Eye Unit.

Minerva said: “I was really surprised to be honoured, I never really thought I could have this prestigious award. “I think it is for everyone, it is as a team. There are loads of other staff, especially in this trust, that work above and beyond.

“It is a privilege and as a Filipino I am happy to be honoured. I would like to make this award for everyone on the unit and everyone of a BAME background.” Minerva, who has lost 11 friends during this Covid pandemic, said that she dedicated her award to her colleagues and all the NHS colleagues who have lost their lives during the coronavirus outbreak. She added: “During this pandemic it has been a challenging time. People from a BAME background are more affected by Covid-19, I wanted to offer support to other staff. “Most of them don’t have their family here so we can be a family for them. It’s about listening and empowering them to speak up.

“It is such an honour, I am so happy. I have my family back home and it is extremely hard not seeing them.”

Minnie Klepacz Awarded BEM
10 October 2020

Many, many congratulations to FNA-UK Press Relations Officer, Minnie Klepacz, on her award of the British Empire Medal.

The citation reads:
Minerva Pascual Collantes KLEPACZ. Matron of Ophthalmology and BAME Network Lead, Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. For services to Nursing during Covid-19.

We are so proud of you!

27 September 2020

JhermiNATION's Jhermeroy Esperanzate hosted a virtual meet and greet discussion with some of the officers of FNA-UK who took their oaths of office last Friday administered by H.E. Antonio M. Lagdameo, Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

One Philippines Report FNA Officers Meet and Greet

FNA-UK Officers Meet and Greet

One Nation AwardsAriel Lanada One Nation Awards
26 September 2020

FNA President Ariel Lanada received the ONE NATION leadership award Saturday last.  The award is given by ONE PHILIPPINES in assocation with JhermiNATION.

FNA-UK Officers Oath Taking Ceremony
by Susie Lagrata
25 September 2020

Albert Einstein's famous quote reads...." In every difficulty lies an opportunity".

This holds true for FNA-UK! FNA-UK was founded in the midst of the tragedy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and although this pandemic stunned the Filipino community to its very core, the Filipino spirit prevailed and did not give up. Instead, we rose up against all odds and displayed the hallmark of the Filipino fighting spirit. A spirit that turned such a traumatic experience into something that helps hundreds if not thousands of people - what could be more positive than that?

Today, we made history as the FNA-UK Interim Officers took their official oath of office administered by no less than His Excellency Ambassador Antonio Lagdameo. The start was sombre as we reflected upon and paid respects to our fallen Filipino comrades who lost their lives while trying to save others. After observing a minute of silence, a short film dedicated to our fellow Filipinos who lost their battle with COVID-19 was played. The virtual setting was not able to hide nor dampen the palpable heightened emotions everyone felt whilst watching the film.

Lucky enough our Masters of Ceremonies, Ms Louie Horne and Susie Lagrata, were able to lift the heavy and sombre mood as their smiles and energy were so infectious that you could not help but lighten up as the programme proper started.  

Francis Fernando, the Founding Father of FNA-UK took us on the journey of FNA-UK, from its inception to where it is now. It is awe-inspiring how FNA-UK has been able to make such a difference and touch people’s lives in spite of the fact that the association is still in its infancy.

One of the highlights of the day was when each officer took the spotlight to give a personal description of themselves. Each one successful in their own right.... each one blazing the trail for the next generation of Filipino nurse leaders here in the UK and collectively.... the pride of the Philippines. Then came the main part of the program, when all the officers took the solemn oath officiated by HE Ambassador Lagdameo. Every word uttered and every declaration made was sincerely meant. Following the oath, Interim President Ariel Lañada, delivered an awe inspiring acceptance speech. President Lañada highlighted the values of the organisation and thanked the Interim Officers and all the members for their selflessness, compassion and creative thinking to help others. He also pointed out the reality of the challenges that we may face ahead, but our common goal to help and be of service to our Filipino nurses here in the UK will be the glue that will bond us together.

From one exceptional leader the program moved on to another fierce leader in the person of the association’s Vice President Arlene Bautista. VP Bautista started her closing remarks by acknowledging what the team has achieved so far. She also stated that the tragic circumstances that we all faced, and continue to battle with, will present us with many challenges but if we are united then there is nothing that we cannot overcome. She also pointed out the wide representation of officers and members which makes FNA-UK a truly diverse and inclusive team.

As the program drew to its close, every single person present at the ceremony had one thing playing in their heads.....  a Filipino party is not a party without the obligatory group photo. Therefore, the FNA-UK Officers together with HE Ambassador Lagdameo, all proudly wearing their beautiful Barongs and Filipiña dresses, wore their sweetest smiles and, as if singing in harmony, exclaimed CHEERS!!!!!

UK-Reach Study

The United Kingdom Research study into Ethnicity and COVID-19 outcomes in Healthcare workers

Our President and Secretary are representing FNA-UK as a partner of this study.

23 September 2020

21 September 2020
Cambridge University Hospitals NHSFT posts heartwarming feedback about FNA-UK Network and Social Events Coordinator Joanne La Verne on Facebook

Joanne La Verne CUH Facebook PostJoanne La Verne CUH Facebook Post

We honour our Filipino frontliners in the UK

(A Music Video Tribute to Fallen Filipino Frontliner Heroes in the UK)
Juan Eu Konek
Posted 21 September 2020


7 September 2020

FNA-UK Award for Louie Horne
1 September 2020

Oxford University Hospitals NHSFT recognises on facebook the appointment of Merline Tabirao, Gigi Yebra and Ariel Lanada as officers of FNA-UK.

Appointment of Merline Tabirao, Gigi Yebra and Ariel Lanada as officers of FNA-UK
13 August 2020

Good news!

Calling all Filipino Nurses in the UK who are currently non-NMC registrants. FNA-UK, as part of its outreach programme, is exploring initiatives to support Filipino Nurses in the UK to obtain NMC registration.

If this is you, or you know of someone that might be interested, please send details to our Secretary Susie Lagrata.

Click here to email the secretary, please provide the following details

Subject: Non-NMC


We would love to hear from you.

Thank you!
By: Minnie Klepacz, FNA UK member Bournemouth
9 August 2020

Another bright Sunny morning in Bournemouth its the most hottest day where  loads of people are coming from all sort of places to enjoy the breeze of our  lovely beaches.

Its a different day for me, I showed up in the centre of our town not to do shopping or enjoy a walk on the seaside, but to participate on quiet protest. It’s time nurses got the recognition and pay that we deserve.

This is what I want out of a protest: to feel the community of those around me; to feel like I’m doing something; to connect with groups and leadership within the movement; and to figure out what I could do next to best support the cause. In the centre of Bournemouth one by one my fellow Filipino colleagues joined the crowd, most of us bring homemade placards that voice our concerns.

There was a band playing music and of course the Filipino reaction is to be upbeat and to dance to the music. Despite discontent and frustration we Filipino’s convert the atmosphere into a positive experience. It's been really interesting to see firsthand the energy shift throughout the protest,". "As more and more people have been joining, the energy has gotten actually more and more hopeful, more and more together.

We followed this with a march Around town  making our way toward the town hall The chants is getting louder and louder  “what do want.? Pay rise, when do you want it? Now”

Its just beautiful…people coming together of all different walks of life in such a spirit of togetherness and unity! It's been a really, really amazing thing to see.

We were given  passionate speeches by our colleagues  about there experiences and feelings. I was encouraged by BJ Waltho RCN congress Chair to say a few words in behalf of Filipinos ( FNA UK member and BAME network lead). I was nervous but the feedback that I have received I come across very passionate and heartfelt in sharing Filipino experiences during COVID pandemic .

A fair pay award would not only make today’s health workers feel valued, it would also help to attract and retain the many more that will be needed if safely staffed and world-leading services are to be achieved,’

We always work hard and in the pandemic we have continued to work hard. A pay rise will go some way to showing the government values all they do, not just this year but day in, day out. Proper recognition and pay to match it will go some way to addressing the number of unfilled jobs.”

For too long the government has taken advantage of our goodwill; they have a moral hold over us because we are caring professionals who love what we do. Now we want to stand united and fight for fair pay for all healthcare workers, and for a better NHS so we can provide the care people need.

We risk our lives to save yours
We will defend the service that we love💕🇵🇭

Nominations are now open for Election of FNA-UK Interim Officers

Nomination of FNA-UK Interim set of officers from the 3rd of August until midnight of the 9th of August. Nominations must be e-mailed to

Only those members who have completed their on-line membership form, a Filipino citizen or descent and registered with the UK NMC (Nurses, nursing associates) are allowed to be nominated, nominate, vote and be voted.

The following interim set of officers are to be nominated and elected:
Vice President
Press Relations Officer
Programme Coordinators:
1) Training and Development
2) Sports
3) Health and Well Being
4) Networking/Social events

The 12 Regional Directors will be appointee by the interim officers once they are elected.

Only the top 5,4,3,or 2 (whatever is appropriate) nominations will be eligible to be voted for by our members. In case of only one nomination for a post/few posts, they automatically get elected unopposed.

From the 10th of August (midnight), those nominated will have to submit their photos with a brief background about themselves and the reasons for running in this election. Only 150 words maximum is allowed.

It’s a campaign period from the 10th of August until 07:59am of the 14th of August.

Voting starts from 8am of the 14th of August until midnight of the 15th of August. Any more votes after this period will not be counted.

All elected officers will be announced on the 16th of August from 8am.

If there are ties, the chairman or any of the commissioners will toss a coin to decide who is the winner for a particular post.

Any enquiries regarding number of votes, tallies etc will have to be made in writing to the chairman of the election 2 days after the announcement of the elected officers (until midnight of the 18th of August) otherwise, the election results will be declared final and executory.

FNA-UK August 2020 Election Committee

By: Susie Mamangon Lagrata
30 July 2020

In the midst of the most iconic landmarks of London, a group of people started gathering in front of St Thomas Hospital in London, just before 5 pm on the 29th of July 2020. It really was breath-taking to see the iconic London Eye, Big Ben hiding behind the shadow of scaffolding that surrounds it and next to it are the white and brown spikes of the legislative seat of power of our country. I found myself in a perfect spot, at the corner of Westminster bridge, within shouting distance of Florence Nightingale’s statue. As I cast my eyes upon her, to pay my respects and reverence, I saw a large group of hardworking nurses leaving the main entrance of the hospital making their way to where I was standing. In the midst of them is the founder of FNA-UK, Francis Fernando, and fellow member Glenn. In their hands are home-made signs and placards exclaiming “Fight for NHS pay rise now" or "Migrants make our NHS"! As if the mighty sun approves of what’s about to happen, it parted the grey clouds and smiled brightly upon us as we begin our socially-distanced formation to begin the march.....the NURSE’S MARCH to demand a well-deserved pay rise for nurses and everyone in the NHS.
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